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thesparklebook's Journal

B O O K ?
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book n.
1. a set of written, printed or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.
2. a printed or written literary work; a main division of a larger work.
3. financial or business records as a group.
4. the sound made by a chicken.


Long, long ago, in a grammar school far, far away, sweartogod and zoedoll conceived of a plan to bring wonder and creativity into the dull school days. The B O O K ? was formed from glitter, tippex and sequins. Alas, this plan was never put into action, and the B O O K ? lay forgotten on zoedoll's bedroom floor, sandwiched between a Bible and a copy of Vogue. But now it is reawakened through the magic of livejournal, ready to spread beauty no longer around a school, but around the world.


the rules
1. You must completely and utterly (within reason) fill each page you use.
2. You may cover a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of three (3) pages.
3. You must not mark any page that is not your own.
4. Every page must somehow declare its author, although maybe not in name.
5. Pages must not be skipped.
6. You have a maximum of a fortnight (14 days) to complete your entry.
7. Once you have completed your pages, scan or photograph them and post them in the community.
8. When you have done that, post it to the next person on the list using first class post (in the UK), airmail anywhere else, obtaining proof of postage.

Your part in the book can be anything. Poems, drawings, collages, photographs, stories, secrets, lyrics, a combination of all these things. Just make it as remarkable and unique as you are.


If you would like to join this community and be part of the project, do not hesitate to apply. We will check to the best of my abilities that you are real. If you turn out to be a phantasm, then we shall call an exorcist immediately.

Happy journalling.